Born from childhood passion, we at Sierrafox Srl, are professionally involved in the aerospace world for over twenty years, covering different areas through our three divisions. Our goal is to serve different types of clients; from companies involved in the aerospace field projects, educational institutions that want to introduce an innovative method of teaching, to the fans who are flying models of real launchers. We began by selling goods for rocketry- a hobby that started fifty years ago, but evolved tremendously over the last two decades. We were definitely among the pioneers of this activity in our country, and we still are one of the few companies in Europe.


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Today we offer various services in the field of aeronautics and space through our three divisions. We cater mainly to businesses, with special attention to the provision of small-scale products and services. We are also able to provide teaching materials and advice for teachers who wish to introduce the rocketry to their students, by facilitating the tasks by the selection of items and techniques. Thus we remain one of the leading companies specialized in online sales of materials for rocketry: mounting kits, engines, dedicated electronics, safety gear, accessories and parts for construction.

Over the years we have gained a lot of experience which enabled us to create a team of passionate professionals. We are a young company made out of real people and not just web pages. Our passion drives us to make effort in taking care of our customers, and to provide necessary information to solve their problems. We started by introducing the rocketry hobby in Italy, bringing it closer to a large number of modellers and amateur enthusiasts, until we became one of the few companies capable of providing various services in the aerospace field.

Sierrafox Professional is the professional division of Sierrafox Srl. We are unique in our country. We are specialized in supplying products and services on a small-scale for industry and companies working in the aerospace field over 15 years, focused on finding the right solutions for the various questions raised.

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Sierrafox Educational is our way to reach out to teachers and educational institutions. The models of rockets, in fact, is an extremely effective way to teach science subjects to students who are involved in innovative activities that are absolutely safe, and reaching spectacular results.

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Sierrafox Hobbies is our division that handles the online shop, e-commerce site specialized in the sale of material for rocketry.
Seriousness and professionalism describe our company the best, serving fans around the world for over 20 years.

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