MARS 2016

05 May MARS 2016

Sierrafox Hobbies participated as a sponsor in the first experience for ACME Italia with a spring meeting’s ended positively after all. Unfortunately the weather did not cooperate because, despite the sun, the temperatures were unpleasant and the wind was blowing strongly on both days.

On Saturday it was possible to make only a few launches. In the afternoon visitors of Radiotelescopio arrived at the field. On that occasion Piero Valle presented his latest creation: the Space Shuttle with orbiter radio-controlled that works like the real one; he separates the boosters who return to the ground, each one with their own parachute as well as the central tank. The orbiter separates and glides to the ground piloted with radio-control. The realization is maniacally precise and it was a shame not to be able to launch it because of excessive wind.

On Sunday the situation has not improved: overcast sky and constant and strong wind. At the end of the day Raimondo Giuliani was able to launch his two models Arreaux and Shadowhawk with engines F and G, making flights straight despite the constant wind and stopping at a short distance.

As always it was a good opportunity to meet and find new friends.
The appointment with the next edition of MARS it’s for spring 2017.