Products for the aerospace industry

Sierrafox Professional is the professional division of Sierrafox Srl. Our specialty is the provision of small-scale products and services for the aerospace industry and for the companies that use aerospace technologies. From micro thrusters, and telemetry, to the design of mini-carriers for cinematic effects experiments, we can offer the right solution for your needs. We are a unique company in our country, with decades of experience.

Components for aerospace engineering

We offer a wide range of products and components to accommodate more complex projects thanks to the collaboration with the best companies in the industry for years.
Our offer ranges from the mini-engines with total impulse of 20 Ns to 40960 Ns used in some cases as parachute ejection systems for atmospheric probes and drones, to the electronic devices for data detection and transmission, to solutions for the ignition of the engines and for the expulsion of the parachute.

razzimodellismo, rocketry
razzimodellismo, rocketry

Design, construction and servicing of aerospace products

We’re probably the only Italian structure able to design, build and launch micro-carriers suitable for scientific experiments and equipment or mechanisms testing. We are available to companies, research centers, universities and student associations to give advice in the design, construction and launch of atmospheric probes; we have access to a fully equipped launch facility to carry out tests in the lower atmosphere layers. Our environment is the handy space. Precisely for this reason we are already planning a small telescope, which will be made available to private citizens and all those who desire or study and have the need to explore space.

Special effects for the film industry

Thanks to our long term experience in design and production of vehicles with rocket propulsion, we are able to solve problems faced by the film and television productions for creating special effects in spectacular battle sequences and science fiction, or scientific talent TV shows.