Teach science in a funny way


Sierrafox Educational is a division of Sierrafox Srl dedicated to support teaching science. The rocket-modelling, in fact, is an extremely effective way to teach science subjects to students who will be involved in this innovative activity, absolutely safe and with spectacular results.


Rocket- modelling and schools

Designing, building and launching model rockets engages students in the search for solutions by applying the knowledge they have learnt. Rocketry has been used for years as an outstanding teaching tool in many countries around the world. Both in Europe and in the United States, there are many teachers and youth organizations that use it to engage students in the design, construction and launch of small rockets activities, as well as ESA and NASA organize launch days for pupils from primary schools up to higher education institutions.

mondo aerospaziale, aerospace world, teaching science, insegnamento scientifico
teaching science, insegnamento scientifico

Through model rockets building, students can learn the basics of physics and mechanics in a fun and safe way, they are involved in a group activity that teaches them to handle complex situations and to divide the tasks according to the different importance. Involved in the design, students develop logical skills, learn how to prevent problems and how to make the right choices depending on the result they want to get, and through the construction they develop manual skills in the processing of materials and attention to follow instructions and understand their meaning. Finally, the launch represents the culmination of the work and a moment of unique emotion, difficult to achieve with other teaching tools. Sierrafox Educational is able to provide teaching materials and advice for teachers who wish to introduce the rocketry as a teaching tool for their students, by facilitating the task in the selection of items and techniques.


A step beyond: a “satellite” within reach of students

Since several years in Europe as well, competitions are organized among teams of students engaged in the realization of CANSAT, micro-probes containing scientific experiments and brought to an altitude by small rockets.

Working on the bases imposed by the regulation, teams of students have to deal with the problems of engineers who design and develop actual satellites, with the freedom to design probes they consider the most appropriate. All this may represent a project of a full year of study and the excellent results obtained so far, in our country as well, reflect the real value of this tool. Sierrafox Educational has supported the Italian CANSAT launches since its beginning, designing and providing carriers and overseeing the launch phase, and we are now able to provide the necessary material for the construction of carriers also by the teams of students themselves.


The first steps towards the profession

For upper-grade students, model rocketry is an effective way to apply the knowledge acquired in previous years. Using micro-carriers, the university student teams have the ability to perform experiments that are difficult to reproduce by other means. Rocket launched probes, in fact, offer numerous advantages compared to other systems, even when launched at low altitudes, as they can carry their load with speed and accelerations not available in any other way, they allow to submit structures to specific stresses, and they offer a chance to experience microgravity. All this at a much lower cost compared to other systems. Sierrafox Educational gives teachers and students a comprehensive service ranging from supply of materials to the consultancy for the design, construction and the launch of probes thanks to the equipped base we have available.

teaching science, insegnamento scientifico
  • Kits and engines packages for groups
  • Model rocketry classes
  • Advice to teachers
  • Support for experiments
  • Electronic devices
  • Design and implementation
  • CANSAT carriers
  • Complete CANSAT launches service
  • Mini sounding rockets
  • Demonstrations of launches