Something about rocketry


Perhaps you have heard about it, and maybe you wondered what a strange activity this may be. Model rocketry, also known as space modelling, is a type of aero-modelling which consists of building and flying models representing missiles and launchers. These models fly only vertically and are recovered by a parachute so as to be able to fly again for an infinite number of times. They are propelled by commercial mini rocket engines, extremely safe and intended only for this hobby.


How are these model rockets made?

Model rockets are made with usual modeling techniques, using only lightweight materials such as cardboard, balsa, or plywood.

model rockets, modelli di razzi
model rockets, modelli di razzi

There are hundreds of kits on the market suitable for modellers with any skill level, accessories such as launch pads and parachutes, building parts for the construction of personal projects and electronic devices for flight data recording. Small or large as they can be, model rockets flight always follow the same pattern: the motor starts and pushes the model as long as its fuel is not finished, then the model continues to rise for inertia and once it comes to the top of the trajectory, the parachute is ejected. In fact, an essential feature is that the rocket model is always recovered after the flight.


Fun, But Also Science

A hobby can be the first step towards the study of sciences. The technological content of hobbies of this kind is obviously high. The modeler has to solve computational problems of the thrusts, weight or speed, must design structure or learn how to build it, having a kit in his hands.

Progressing in the activity, the student can design scientific loads to be installed in the rocket, to measure variables such as altitude, acceleration or temperature, or to make exciting videos during the flight. It is no coincidence that many American astronauts and space engineers were primarily rocketry enthusiasts! SierrafoxHobbies.com offers everything in its online shop. We are among the very few specialized European suppliers in these materials: we have the availability of hundreds of assembly kits, models of rockets of all sizes, motors, accessories and parts for construction.


Our mission is to do something more

We help rocketry enthusiasts, or those who wish to become one, to achieve their goals supplying all the necessary information about this hobby, providing advice and help and listening to their needs.

We are more than just an online store, we have redefined the concept of online sales with our detailed descriptions and documentation that you find on the site, which then becomes a true gathering place for fans and a reference for all those who wish to learn more.

model rockets, modelli di razzi
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